Visageuk is a Treatment Salon based in Paulerspury, offering a calm and peaceful environment for you to relax and enjoy some 1-2-1 pamper time. There is also a mobile service available if this is more convenient to you. Areas covered can be found here.

I offer the following treatments:

Each facial includes the face, neck and shoulder area as well as the arms and hands for a totally relaxing and de-stressing experience. Approximately one hour will be required for the consultation , treatment and relaxation.

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Regular massage of the hands can help to control pain and relax tired and sore hands.

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The Back Massage includes deep tissue relaxation which can help alleviate pain and improve posture. It can include the use of essential oils to help you relax – which can be discussed before your treatment starts.

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  • Relaxing or Detox body Massage

You can have a traditional Swedish Massage of the body area which will leave you with a sense of deep relaxation, or book a Full Body Massage which also includes the face and head – working much of the lymph system for a total detox both physically and mentally.

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To book an appointment you can use the links above or call me on : 07949 478008 or email me: andrea@visageuk.com


Why have a facial?

Having a facial is a way of re-booting your skin to get it working again properly, optimising your skin’s performance.

In today’s world, our facial skin is subjected daily to creams, make-up, pollution, heat, sweat, stress, air conditioners.… and very few of us take the time  to help our skin cope with all of these.

A facial cleanses deeply, removing built-up grime and dead skin cells; it stimulates blood circulation and drains toxins to allow the skin to work more effectively.

The upper body massage part of the Visageuk facial treatment process, is not only deeply relaxing, but it can also help to:

Reduce stress

Relax tired and strained muscles

Relieve headaches

Help with migraines

A regular facial (every 4-6 weeks) will leave your skin looking radiant, clean and healthier. You will not only look great, but you will feel  great too!

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Why have a Back Massage?

With the busy lives that we all lead,  we can sometimes forget to be nice to our bodies and we can over stress them and over use our muscles which over time can lead to tension, pain and even loss of mobility.

Having a regular back massage is not only a really pleasant and uplifting way to spend an hour of your life, but can also help to relieve tension and muscular cramps, help reduce pain caused by aggravated muscles which in turn can help to reduce anxiety and depression.

The overall benefits of a back massage will be felt by your whole body as by stimulating nerves and blood circulation during the treatment – the massage will also help remove toxins from your muscles and promote a sense of relaxation and well-being.

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Based from my home in Paulerspury, I offer the following treatments for female clientele only. If you have regular treatments, you will really notice the difference not only to your face, or hands or back – but also to your general well-being.


Luxury Soothing Facial – using sensual Lavender and calming Chamomile.  This cream based facial will leave your skin feeling silky soft and gently nourished.  Great for sensitive, tired or more mature skin. Book here.

Indulgent Aromatherapy Facial – using the essential oil of Lavender as a base – but with the use of oils rather than creams for some of the treatment. Other essential oils are also included to promote relaxation, tension relief and energise the body and mind. Very luxurious and great for dry or dehydrated skins. (Not suitable for greasy skin) . Book here.

Deluxe Fragrance Free Facial – a full facial but without any perfumes for those with severe allergies and very sensitive skin. Using a mixture of organic creams and oils, this facial will leave your skin looking refreshed, more youthful and feeling silky soft. When you book this I will check what allergies you have so we can adapt the treatment to you. Book here.

During the treatment, I will make some of the products from scratch, so we can tailor them to your specific skin requirements.


Warming Hand Massage – using nourishing oils and some essential oils – this gentle but effective hand massage will help remove toxins from stiff joints – reduce muscular tension and bring a feeling of relaxation to tired or painful hands. Book Here.  

Relaxing Back Massage – using traditional Swedish Massage techniques, this massage will work on your back, shoulders and neck area – bringing deep relaxation and muscular tension relief. This massage can be done just using unscented oil that will warm with the movement of the hands – or we can add an aromatherapy blend that we can discuss before your treatment. Book Here

Body Massage – using traditional Swedish Massage techniques, this massage will work on your legs, arms, back, shoulders and neck. This massage can be done just using unscented oil that will warm with the movement of the hands – or we can add an aromatherapy blend that we can discuss before your treatment.  This massage will help to relieve accumulated stress. Book Here

Full Body Massage – this massage will work the muscles and Lymph system across your whole body – including the legs, arms, back, neck and shoulders, abdomen, head and face. It is deeply relaxing and will promote harmony and peace both physically and mentally. – giving your body a total detox. This ca be an unscented massage or we can use Aromatherapy oils – to be discussed before your treatment. Book Here. 

Please contact me for further details or email andrea@visageukc.om or call 07949 478008. (All Visageuk treatments are only available for females).

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Beauty Certificate – Andrea Lord

Massage Diploma – Andrea Lord