Based from my home in Paulerspury, I offer the following treatments for female clientele only. If you have regular treatments, you will really notice the difference not only to your face, or hands or back – but also to your general well-being.


Luxury Soothing Facial – using sensual Lavender and calming Chamomile.  This cream based facial will leave your skin feeling silky soft and gently nourished.  Great for sensitive, tired or more mature skin. Book here.

Indulgent Aromatherapy Facial – using the essential oil of Lavender as a base – but with the use of oils rather than creams for some of the treatment. Other essential oils are also included to promote relaxation, tension relief and energise the body and mind. Very luxurious and great for dry or dehydrated skins. (Not suitable for greasy skin). Book here.

Deluxe Fragrance Free Facial – a full facial but without any perfumes for those with severe allergies and very sensitive skin. Using a mixture of organic creams and oils, this facial will leave your skin looking refreshed, more youthful and feeling silky soft. When you book this I will check what allergies you have so we can adapt the treatment to you. Book here.

During the treatment, I will make some of the products from scratch, so we can tailor them to your specific skin requirements.


Warming Hand Massage – using nourishing oils and some essential oils – this gentle but effective hand massage will help remove toxins from stiff joints – reduce muscular tension and bring a feeling of relaxation to tired or painful hands. Book Here.


Relaxing Back Massage.  Book Here

Please contact me for further details or email andrea@visageukc.om or call 07949 478008. (All Visageuk treatments are only available for females).

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