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   2009 China Optical Communications Development (2009-11)
   Fasten Fiber Optics Boasts in OFC/NFOEC (2008-6)
   Fasten FTTH terminal Cable Passed the Appraisal (2008-5)
   Fasten Fiber Optics Establishes Cooperation with China Major Operators (2008-5)
   Fasten G657 fiber passed authoritative Appraisal (2007-12)
   Fasten Fiberoptics was highly appraised by the industry (2007-11)
   ISO officials visited FPC (2007-10)
   Fasten Fiberoptics Attends the ASEAN Telecommunication Meeting (2007-5)
   Fasten Fiber and cable Won the bid of Sinopec’s tender (2007-1)
   FPC cooperates with Turin Polytechnic University (2006-11)