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Starting from China   Stand in the World

*          To understand, anticipate, and surpass the expectation of our customers depending on qualified products, advantageous price and decent service;

*          To make each employee feel proud of Fasten by providing equal opportunity, unique technique and a highly-motivating working environment

*          To realize sustainable development and penetration in optical communication market by consistent improvement of process and sound environmental protection awareness

Our Value


*          We care about each of our internal and external customers.

*          We are committed to meet customer demands by integrated and efficient service.


*          We are keeping learning, developing and applying new knowledge and technology

*          Perfect quality is the guarantee of our eternal growth. It determines the way we work and the dream we are pursuing.

*          We are propelled to diminish any possibility of wasting and loss to attain fineness.


*          We have established and are determined to maintaining a motivating working environment

*          Each employee is responsible for the tidiness, safety and orderliness of the workplace

*          We believe in open mind and team work which encourage deep communication and mutual understanding

*          We emphasize highly efficient trainingpatient listening and impartial performance evaluation


*          We have to keep a preferable image in optical communication industry for our shared prospect.

*          We are endeavored to bring our business to success by paying special attention to cost reduction and market order.

*          We are capable of and confident in facing any challenge from the market and are committed to conquer it.