Why have a facial?

Having a facial is a way of re-booting your skin to get it working again properly, optimising your skin’s performance.

In today’s world, our facial skin is subjected daily to creams, make-up, pollution, heat, sweat, stress, air conditioners.… and very few of us take the time  to help our skin cope with all of these.

A facial cleanses deeply, removing built-up grime and dead skin cells; it stimulates blood circulation and drains toxins to allow the skin to work more effectively.

The upper body massage part of the Visageuk facial treatment process, is not only deeply relaxing, but it can also help to:

Reduce stress

Relax tired and strained muscles

Relieve headaches

Help with migraines

A regular facial (every 4-6 weeks) will leave your skin looking radiant, clean and healthier. You will not only look great, but you will feel  great too!

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